Past Boathouse Concerts 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012
Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore
Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore are two 
national musical treasures. Combining blues 
and bluegrass (and everything in-between) 
with their soulful voices and stunning 
instrumental chops, Mollie and Rich are a 
constant source of joy and inspiration to me. They are truly among the best out there keeping American music alive and vital.” - Dave Alvin  Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore knocked our socks off!  They brought a range of much from Tom Waits, David Francey, Dave Van Ronk, and Rogers and Hamerstein!  
We new they were good -- we now know they are GREAT!  It was an evening of great music, interspersed with Rich's dry humor.  If you didn't get to see them here, they will be at Strawberry -- and we'll do our best to get them back to the Boathouse!  
Thanks again to Dick Brundle for introducing us to Mollie and Rich!
Check out Mollie's website:
Saturday, April 14, 2012
Michael McNevin
Michael promised to bring friends, and he 
performed a first set (accompanied by Patrick 
McClellan on bass, of all original music, and 
somenew songs that will be on the CD that's in 
the works.  He surprised all of us with a second set that opened with Steve Smulian, our incomparable sound engineer, who gave 
a reading and followed with a song.   Interspersed with Michael's original music were performances with and by Brian Theriault 
on fiddle, Laura Zucker sang a touching "Memorial Day," and
local favorites, the T Sisters performed an original.  Michael 
owns the Mudpuddle Shop, in downtown Niles, CA, where he has hosted numerous concerts and jams, and he books and produces summer concerts in the Niles Plaza.
Michael sings “Silver Hair”
More info about Michael is at:

Saturday, May 19, 2012
Adler and Hearne
Lynn Adler and Lindy Hearne returned with 
a new CD and new music.  They call their home 
in the piney woods outside the rural arts hamlet 
f Winnsboro, Texas "Spring Hollow Organic Song," 
and this past year they cultivated some new ballads, and Lindy 
wrote "Egg's Lament," which had all of us crying with laughter.
From a recent review:
  “What Adler vocally contributes in harmony and beauty, Hearne contributes in power and presence. 
  The two make a fantastic pairing in all respects, though it’s the vocal blending that shines the most.”
Lynn and Lindy will be touring much of this year -- don't miss an opportunity to see this delightful couple.
See them perform "Take It Back"
Their website:
Saturday, June 9, 2012
Jack Williams

Jack Williams's return was welcomed by a full
house.  As promised, there was new music, new
stories, and his amazing solo performance.
to the Boathouse.  He also introduced us to his friend,
Caroline Aiken,  opened the second set.  Thank you,
Jack!  We enjoy following Jack on Facebook as performs at over 50 hose concerts per year.  His commentary on house concert hospitality and the American landscape isalways a delight to read.   Safe travels, Jack.  We'll see you next year!
Visit Jack's Website:

Sunday, February 12, 2012 - 2:00 pm
The California Honeydrops
Returning to the Boathouse for the third time, 
The California Honeydrops dig deep into the 
roots of American music and embrace the
 traditions of blues, gospel, second line New 
Orleans jazz, and early R&B with stellar performances of traditional as well as their own innovative music.Since their formation four years ago in East Bay BART stations, The California Honeydrops have completed six European tours, spread honey on crowds throughout the US, and recorded two full length albums of original music, all without the help of a record label or major booking agency. They deliver an irresistible sound that blends the energy and intimacy of a street performance, undeniable talent and musicianship, and the soul and fervor of a spiritual street parade. Band leader and front man Lech Wierzynski studied trumpet with Marcus Belgrave (Ray Charles), then moved to Oakland, honing his craft with Maria Muldaur and Dan Hicks,growing equally as a trumpeter, singer, and guitarist.  The vibrant rhythm section of The California Honeydrops is fueled by saxophonist Johnny Bones and drummer Ben Malament, Doug Stuart on bass, and Charles Hickox on keys.
This was our first Sunday afternoon Boathouse Concert -- it won't be the last!
Saturday, July 14, 2012
Monterey Bay favorites, Henhouse 
(Sherry Austin on rhythm guitar and vocals, 
Sharon Allen on vocals and guitar, 
Tracy Parker on bass and vocals, Santa Cruz 
legend Patti Maxine on lap steel and dobro and Jim Norris on percussion) held our attention every moment, made us laugh, cry and want to get up and dance with their superb musicianship and vocals. We hope they will spend more time in the Bsy Area!
Check their website:
Saturday, August 11, 2012
Claudia Russell and the Folk 
         Unlimited Orchestra

Award winning singer-songwriter Claudia Russell 
brought the full gamut of entertainment.  She sang 
her original music, songs written by her father, 
Val Rosen ("Teddy Bears Picnic") and told stories about her show-business family.  Accompanied by Bruce Kaplan on guitar, mandolin and vocals, Mark Petrella on string bass and Gerry Grosz on keyboard.  The lively banter with Bruce was worth the price of admission!  If you missed Claudia, check her website for future performances:
Saturday, January 21, 2012
Fiddle Summit 2012
What can we say?  Fiddle Summits 
rock!  This may have been the first 
annual Fiddle Summit at the 
Boathouse.  Robyn, John and Brian
engaged our group for the entire 
evening, and their final set was amazing!  We strongly suggest that other house concert hosts consider Fiddle Summits!
Three well known and respected Bay Area fiddlers graced our stage, each with one accompanying musician, each for one set.  Then they gathered on stage for a showdown! Robyn Mercurio nstructs Suzuki techniques with traditional fiddle styles  and is also a co-founder of Roots Music. John Pedersen is the grandson of a noted Heldeberg Mountain fiddler  and a multi-year winner of the Marin County Fair Fiddle Competition.  He is a founding member of the Roadoilers and performs with a local Irish Traditional music group.  John is a luthier at his own store, Amazing Grace Music in San Anselmo. Brian Theriault has a band called Fun With Finnoula featuring Burke Trieschmann and Leonardo Cartes and plays with Skip Henderson and the Starboard Watch.  Brian occasionally runs the sound at the Boathouse and has accompanied many of our performers.  
Saturday, September 8, 2012
Ray Bonneville with Nina Gerber 

Ray Bonneville is a Canadian born, Austin based singer, songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player, who is known for his “loose, darkly funky vibe.”  It is no wonder that Ray has received rave reviews from blues, jazz and roots critics alike and cancount among his fans such artists as Chris Smither, Tim O’Brien and Ray Wylie Hubbard  

After carving a career out of what some might call the shadows, guitarist Nina Gerber is at last beginning to dare the light. Her first album as a leader, Not Before Noon, follows two decades which brought her to prominence without ever placing her name on the front of an album cover. 

This was an amazing performance by two of the best!  Watch for them at larger venues!!!
Ray Bonneville                               Nina Gerber